Welcome to TS-Associates, the Precision Instrumentation specialists.

TS-Associates is the leading supplier of Precision Instrumentation solutions for latency sensitive trading systems. With TipOff® for network and data flow monitoring, Correlix for trade flow analysis and Application Tap® for software event instrumentation, TS-Associates is the only vendor to offer a complete range of Precision Instrumentation solutions capable of providing nanometric transparency into the latency dynamics of trading systems, catering to the needs of both technology and business users.

TS-Associates Precision Instrumentation solutions have been integrated with all leading transaction, market data, middleware and high frequency trading systems.

With deployments at leading financial institutions, including exchanges, brokerages and trading firms throughout North America, Europe and AsiaPac, TS-Associates offers a truly global support capability through its centres in London, New York, Tokyo and Singapore.

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Business Daily

The BBC talks to Henry Young about low latency trading.
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Low Latency Workshop

Re-Architecting for Performance, Precision and Parallelism as discussed at this standing-room only event.
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TipOff is a real time network, middleware and transaction analysis appliance. more

The Application Tap enables hardware assisted software instrumentation and precise time stamping. more

Correlix is a business centric trade flow analysis solution allowing for precise, consolidated, and easy to interpret... more